Energy Efficient Homes In Denton County – Build On Your Lot Affordably

Let’s be honest; nearly every Denton County homeowner would love to live in their dream home, on a parcel of land that perfectly complements that home – at an affordable price! Now you can. The fact is, while it may cost you more initially to build an energy efficient home in Flower Mound or other areas in Dallas, energy efficient homes mean substantial savings for as long as you live in your home. If you’re looking to build on that particular piece of land that you have envisioned as spectacular once your home is built, count on the professionals at Bud Bartley.

Today, people are looking for a home that speaks to their own design preferences and lifestyles, not a “cookie cutter” home that mirrors every other on the block. You’ve chosen that perfect piece of land, and now you want a home that looks as though it were meant only for that specific spot, nestled among the trees or high on the hilltop. We build energy efficient homes in Denton County that your family and friends would never suspect were energy efficient or even “green.” Beautiful, luxurious living on a grand scale, without the grand price.

Whether you’re looking for wide open floor plans or cozy rooms that offer warmth and solitude, we build homes that beckon to your family at the end of the day. We know that patios, porches and decks are the decor of your outdoor world; nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a rocker on the deck while you enjoy a good book or watch the birds enjoy nature.

Perhaps you prefer a moderately sized home of 3,500 square feet, or are looking for something on a grand scale such as 5,000 square feet or even larger. Regardless, you want a home that is unparalleled in design, built of materials which are unmatched in quality, and by master craftsmen with a passion for what they do – all while enjoying lower energy costs. You can have it all!

We offer energy efficient products for your Denton County home that allow you to enjoy a rich, upscale look while saving you money. HVAC systems, roof decking, insulation, vinyl framed windows, Energy Star certified appliances – all of these are factors that contribute to energy efficiency in an exquisite home.

Trust the experts at Bud Bartley Homes if you are considering building on your own lot in Denton County. We make the process easier than you ever dreamed; ultimately, you can live your dreams without spending a fortune.